About us

Foundation “Prevention for Health” raises funds through charitable campaigns for prevention, rehabilitation and restoration of a number of diseases to needy children and youth.
Works for socialization, integration and professional development of children and youth with disabilities.
In recent years there has been a boom among people spent severe strokes, heart attacks and other diseases such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, polio and operations. They all lead to very serious consequences for the patient and for his family. The recovery period is very long and painful.

A very important condition for full recovery of the patient is not only performed treatment, but subsequent rehabilitation. Neglect of rehabilitation and kinesitherapeutic activity in all areas of medicine have a detrimental character for patients.

Organised donation campaigns with our partners aimed at raising funds for children in need – our patients – from daily physical therapy and rehabilitation. To be able to recover fully to integrate into society, to have a normal life, full of smiles!

THANK YOU all for showing empathy!