The project: „Young people from Bulgaria and Macedonia together for tourism as health prevention“

On 16,08,2019. start developing a project: Youth from Bulgaria and Macedonia on Tourism as Health Prevention,

Partners Health Prevention Foundation – a leading group in Bulgaria and the Divorce Center of the Tretiot-Northeastern Mountain Region, Northern Macedonia

Specific objective: To promote cooperation between regional actors in the field of sustainable tourism

Deadline: 15 months
This project is aimed at marketing health, wellness and sports tourism in the region and in the cities of Blagoevgrad and Kriva Palanka among the young people. This project will ensure that children and children with disabilities use different installations for health, wellness and sports activities. This will be achieved through several activities.
Namely, we will first conduct a survey of existing tourist sites and create prerequisites for promoting the opportunities for tourist exchange between young people from Blagoevgrad and Kriva Palanka. This will be achieved by researching, categorizing and evaluating the available tourism resources, which will help stakeholders to better understand the potential of the sites, to attract visitors, which will also help regional actors create attractive programs and routes for tourists in the future. In order to promote health and tourism at the same time, we will open the creation of a health and tourism networking center for children and children with disabilities.
The center is equipped with certain medical equipment that will be used for health and tourist purposes for children from schools on both sides of the border. Trainings and reviews will be held to improve the health of young people and at the same time promote tourism among young people from the cross-border region. In addition, we will build outdoor golf and fitness courses and kids’ competitions, which will become an annual practice for cooperation between partners. Finally, children and children with disabilities will work for 5 days in health and tourism seminars on PP1 and PP2. This activity will include the preparation of a health tourism product by the young participants in the events. The product will be publicized as well as project results.

Target group – The young population of Kriva Palanka, the young population of Blagoevgrad and the population of both cities – 13,000.

Direct beneficiaries – Children aged 7-19, Macedonia and Bulgaria – 200. Final beneficiaries – The young population of Kriva Palanka and the young population of Blagoevgrad from both cities – 100,000.
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Association „Nervous Muscular Diseases“

We, the Health Prevention Foundation, inform our patients that our partners from the Nervous Muscular Diseases Association have opened doors in the city of Blagoevgrad and offer the following services:

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Work time


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